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 Applying rules

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PostSubject: Applying rules   Applying rules EmptySat Jul 25, 2009 1:41 am

Following Information should be in your Apply

Your exact Chara Name with LVL and Class (And about other Charas)
What do you like and dislike in uPT?
Why Applying here?
Something about your Person
Your aim in uPT?

The following Clan Rules have to be respected:

1) What we want
- Apply with your Main Chara
- Be friendly
- Loyalty
- Be talkactive and speak english
- Always willing to Help Clannies
- Team-work & Cooperative

2) Our No-Goes
- Don't ks
- Don't abuse Ingame
- Don't join for Item scam or begging
- Don't Hack
- Don't be selfish

3) Sharing

- If you find high lvl items you have to keep for Clanie. Our clanie has the priority. If you dont want to give it free because you need some gold. You are allowed to sell it. But clanie have the priority...
- If a clannie says he needs this Item be sure the Chara he needs the Item for is in Clan and he ONLY wants it for use, not for selling.
- The Given Items are Clan Items means, if you don't need them anymore don't sell them outside Clan, share it to other Clannies first before you sell it outside.

Have fun and a nice uPT time
Good luck! =)
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Applying rules
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