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Tupik€!!!!!! Empty
PostSubject: Tupik€!!!!!!   Tupik€!!!!!! EmptyTue Nov 24, 2009 3:01 pm

Your exact Chara Name with LVL and Class (And about other Charas)
Tupike, Pikeman lvl 112

What do you like and dislike in uPT?
Like=xp, items, forums, clans, clanforumsmileys Razz <---[dang, I love this one, bounce dang, I hate that one, HE'S NOT LAUGHING BUT BOUNCING IS FUN SO YOU SUPPOST TO LAUGH!!!!!!!
And euh... GM-Sjoerd, that he think's were cheating, and the high-donate prices.

Why Applying here?
Because I have no life pale

Something about your Person
I like laughing, being a boy, and I <3 Life the way I live it.

Your aim in uPT?
Becoming a man with a Good Hart.

no... just joking...

Getting 12x I think!

but that's never gonna work...

but that's the same what I thought of getting 10x, and 11x... so it will work someday...[maybe]...

Your favourite pokémon:

Slowpoke Razz
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