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 [apply] Iceangell

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PostSubject: [apply] Iceangell   [apply] Iceangell EmptyTue Jul 28, 2009 12:48 pm

Your exact Chara Name with LVL and Class (And about other Charas)
What do you like and dislike in uPT?
Why Applying here?
Something about your Person
Your aim in uPT?

1: Iceangell Atalanta 111 and i got a priest 10x
2: I like the fast xp and cool gears, I dont like the maintenance
3: Cuz i've heard about this cool clan :d and friends pm me to join, i got also many friends in there
4: [Bart/15/Netherlands/Soccer]
5: To look cool and be strong and rich with vals and buy funny chars and pwn bc.

THIS IS JUST what i made to know how to apply for sure :d
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[apply] Iceangell
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